[ANTENNA TV] Praia da Cidade – OC and Havaianas Celebrate Their Anniversaries

In 2003, a year-old, fledgling downtown boutique called Opening Ceremony chose Brazil as its featured country, and stocked up on souvenirs and pieces by Brazil’s then up-and-coming designers to share with their New York friends. One such memento was the HAVAIANA flip flop, which store owners Carol and Humberto noticed on everyone’s feet in Rio––from kids to fashion people. Before we knew it, OC became the first store to carry the shoes in the US, filling thousands of orders each month! OC and Havaianas toast their 10th and 50th anniversaries respectively by celebrating their partnership with this OCTV video set to the tune of Bonde do Role’s “Kilo.” (Look out for our interview with the Brazilian electropop group, coming soon!)

이 글은 ADL TV 카테고리에 분류되었습니다. 고유주소 북마크.

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