[ADL TV] KENZO ‘No Fish No Nothing’ Digital Pop-Up First Images

게시 시간: 2014. 03. 24.

A new chapter in our partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) opened on March 21 in Paris with the “NoFishNoNothing Digital Pop Up”.

For one week only, until March 27 2014, a digital window with a giant digital aquarium offers the opportunity to join KENZO and BLUE in their fight against overfishing and development of marine reserves of our planet.

A tactile screen will allow buyers to browse and buy the garments and accessories. Each selection will give birth to a digital fish that will enrich the aquarium.
You can also support this cause and add a fish with your name by taking a photo of the store and posting it to Instagram using the hashtag # NoFishNoNothing.

Film by Samy La Famille
Music: ‘Cave out’ by Guillaume de Maria

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