[ART & DESIGN] Dream cars: innovative design, visionary ideas the high museum of art, atlanta may 21st through sept. 7th 2014

(above) general motors firebird I XP-21, 1953
designed by harley j. earl, robert f. ‘bob’ mclean, and GM styling section staff
courtesy general motors heritage center / photo by michael furman

lancia (bertone) stratos HF zero, 1970
designed by marcello gandini
courtesy xj wang collection / photo by michael furman

chrysler (ghia) streamline X ‘gilda’ 1955
designed by giovanni savonuzzi and virgil exner
courtesy of scott grundfor and kathleen redmond / photo by michael furman

ferrari (pininfarina) 512 s modulo, 1970
designed by paolo martin
courtesy of pininfarina S.p.A., cambiano, turino, italy / photograph by michel zumbrunn

l’oeuf électrique, 1942
designed and fabricated by paul arzens
courtesy musée des arts et métiers, paris, france / photo by michel zumbrunn and urs schmid

stout scarab, 1936
designed by william b. stout
courtesy of larry smith / photo by michael furman

norman timbs special, 1947
designed by norman timbs
courtesy of gary and diane cerveny / photo by peter harholdt

BMW gina light visionary model, 2001
designed by christopher bangle
courtesy of BMW / © BMW AG

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